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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Smack - As seen on TV

Heroin is bad. We all know that. We've seen it on telly and now the Telegraph informs us there's a new kid on the block and it's already had the Hollywood treatment. Our friend white heroin is back. You may remember it from hilarious drug flick Pulp Fiction. Now we can all dance to Chuck Berry, drink an expensive milkshake and OD in the comfort of our own home. Just like they do in the film.
But heroin is not all bad. In fact the pure form isn't deadly nor does it make you thin and make your teeth fall out. Heroin, when it hasn't been mixed with anything will not kill you and it is very hard to overdose on as well. These are the facts, which the Telegraph and every other media outlet in the world will not report. And when they do get a related story they do not state the difference. All heroin is bad - end of story.
Now I'm not saying that we should all cook up tomorrow, but we should have all the facts to hand so we can make our own rational judgements which are not tainted by one sided reporting which permeates ALL drug stories.
The Pulp Fiction smack was mixed and became dangerous - like most street smack as the dealers will never profit from unmixed drugs. If we can have a rational debate where the balance is not covered up to suit the hysterical tone of our news outlets we could really start saving lives. And we wouldn't have to namecheck popular culture every time such a story arises.

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