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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Carol Thatcher

Where are Adrian Chiles and Jo Brand? They are the worst kind of cowards. The sort you hate at school. Grass to the teacher and then hide away while the offender takes the hiding the may or may not deserve. 
THATCHER WAS WRONG to say what she said. It was crude, offensive and vulgar. But she said it in a conversation which was not in the public domain. It wasn't even caught on a mic by mistake. Chiles and Brand could not bear to take someone to task themselves and scampered to their bosses like cowardly little shits.
This is just another symptom of the bloody Sachsgate affair where idiots wrongly take the high moral ground, but in such a way that makes someone a loser and someone a winner. Is there no talking to people? Can one party not reason with another at the BBC any more. A new, odd and unsettling culture of fear has descended and it will only get worse.
Thatcher needs to be sat down and told why that term is offensive and we should accept her apology and move on. We should keep her off the telly, not for being a mindless racist, but because she is, frankly, not good at presenting.

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JT_Musings said...

My guess would be Brand went off to comfort eat at the BBC buffet - or possibly brush up on the same fat/ugly woman jokes she has recycled her entire career. As for Chiles - I would think he was seeking comfort with his other co-host. Wink wink.